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Tavor Parts

We are very proud to announce the first 2 Tavor parts! The Tavor Modular Forearm (TMF) and Fulcrum Located Extra swivel (FLEx swivel). More Tavor parts are in the development stage so be sure to follow us on Facebook for the latest updates.
First up is the TMF or Tavor Modular Forearm. We started this project in April after receiving one of the very first guns produced in the US. There were many design changes and revisions but in the end it exceeded our expectations. Features include:

  • Compatible with 1” bodied lights or the Surefire Millennium and Scout series lights.
  • Slots provide additional ventilation over the factory forearm as well as the ability to accept the Magpul MOE rail sections.
  • Front end cap is a rock solid one piece mount providing 7/8” of clamping contact on your light and 3 points of contact bolting it to the forearm body.
  • End cap gives a finished look and keeps dirt out of the front.
  • Cerakote finish provides an insulating property over anodized aluminum. Anodizing increases the exothermic properties of aluminum which makes it hotter to the touch over even bare aluminum.
  • Remote tape switch is run out the back and around to the side for convenient routing.
The TMF is available in black or FDE for only $125 and shipping is free! Currently sold out but accepting back orders.
Next we have the FLEx swivel. FLEx stands for Fulcrum Located Extra swivel. It provides a centralized location for use with a single point sling or just an additional swivel location for a 2 point. It can be mounted on either side and with the swivel towards the front or rear of the gun. It replaces the plastic factory port cover very easily. But its greatest feature may not be the extra swivel you gain but it also seals off the port from escaping gases that tend to leak out of the factory cover and hit you right in the face. This phenomenon has become known as "Tavor face" and leaves you with black smudges on your cheek and shooting glasses. This problem is exacerbated with suppressor use. This is truly a must have if you are running a suppressor.

They are $55 and shipping is free.