Aug A3 Razorback


The Aug A3 Razorback features the same Patent Pending USA mounting system as our other Razorback rails. The additional capacity allows Aug owners to have their light, laser, back up sights or cool GHW logo rail cover mounted on the side of their rail without sacrificing top rail space. Let’s face it, the Aug is limited by options. At least it was. Now you can have accessories without adding a large chunk of metal farther out in front of the carbine effecting balance.

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Note: This only fits the Aug A3. It does not fit the new M1 or any other Aug model. It also does not fit any MSAR model.

Additional features unique to the Aug version of the Razorback include 3 QD sling swivel locations. One is in the front factory location but the ones that are the most interesting are the side pockets. They are located toward the rear of the rail on either side. They share the same through hole. This places the sling behind the charging handle completely to avoid any interference. It hangs nicely when used as the front point of a 2 point sling.

The Aug was ahead of it’s time when it was designed and is still an excellent bullpup. Like many bullpups though, it suffers from the lack of modern flexibility due to its compact nature. The Aug Razorback allows you to dramatically increase your flexibility to configure your weapon for your mission. All while maintaining the overall look of the classic Aug that we all love. The release of the A3 gave us a long flat top rail but the design was blocky and heavy. The Razorback gives great styling, military rail height, without the military rail weight.

The rail has the same 23 slots as the factory rail. It is made from a solid chunk of 6061 billet and finished in a Mil std type III hardcoat anodize. It weighs 5.5oz. It also has full width recoil lugs so all scope mounts are compatible with it.

Installation consist of field stripping the gun to access the 3 bolts holding the rail on. A 4mm T handle hex wrench or socket works best. The bolts are held in by loctite.

Rail only. Gun and accessories not included.


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