Kriss Vector Tailhook mounting kit


This mounting kit does not include the Tailhook Mod 1 brace itself but does include the take down hinge pin. Removing the factory rear SDP sling swivel is best left to a gunsmith or send it in to Kriss for the service. It requires drilling.

Note the photo shows the early style cheek rest. What you will receive is the newer style currently available.

These are all black. No other colors available.

Order the Tailhook mod 1 brace separately.

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We took all the work out of installing the Tailhook Mod 1 brace onto your pre-2017 Kriss SDP! We started by cutting off and milling flat the lower portion of the butt stock mounting area since it isn’t needed. Then pinned our aluminum Tailhook adapter onto the factory Kriss cheek rest ready to mount your Mod 1 brace to it. This kit will only fit Kriss SDP’s made prior to 2017 that have the molded in hinge on the body. See picture. It will not fit the newer style that has buffer tube threads in the back. We suggest using a Mod 2 on those.

A tutorial is available on our YouTube channel

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