Tavor SAR full length Razorback


This is for the Tavor SAR not the X95

1. Rail runs all the way forward like the factory flat top rail and is a direct replacement.

2. The rail height simulates an AR15 which allows the use of commonly found mounts without the need for risers or having an uncomfortable cheek weld.

3. The user can use any AR15 BUIS designed for same plane usage.

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4. Machined from billet 6061 and hard anodized Type III, class II matte black to match the current Tavor hardware.

5. The rail does not have to be removed to facilitate a barrel swap. It is designed to remain on the barrel and slide directly in and out with your optic and/or rear sight still attached. This preserves your zero during caliber changes.

6. The picatinney slots are Mil Spec and can be safely used with partial recoil lug mounts and accessories.

7. Incorporated into the rail is the Patent Pending Universal Side Accessory mounting system.

8. Does not fit IDF model.

9. Easy 2 screw installation using your existing hardware.

10. Weighs only 7.3oz. That is less than 1oz more than the factory rail!

11. Every edge and corner has been studied and made to fit the gun perfectly and smoothly. Not blocky. Even the rear of the rail is contoured so it doesn’t poke your nose while shooting.

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