Tavor/X95 Fulcrum Located Extra swivel (FLEx swivel)


Gear Head Works proudly offers the Patented FLEx swivel for the Tavor SAR sporting rifle. Engineered, manufactured and sold in the USA.

The unit replaces the factory ejection port cover on the stock. It securely clamps directly into the receiver with a very close fit into the ejection port window. It works on either side and can be mounted with the swivel socket forward or to the rear. It is hard anodized billet aluminum for extreme durability.

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The FLEx offers the user 2 features that are very useful. First is the sling swivel socket. It is a limited rotation QD socket just like the factory sockets in the stock. It is the perfect balance point for a single point sling and can also be used as the front swivel in a 2 point setup with excellent results.

The next feature is a very important one. Especially to users that shoot suppressed. The FLEx closes off the gaps that the factory cover leaves behind allowing gasses to escape directly toward the shooters face. If you notice watery eyes and breathing gases while shooting, that is why. Suppressed shooting amplifies this condition because of the increased back pressure from the suppressor. The FLEx swivel blocks off these gasses allowing a comfortable and safer shooting experience for the user. A sling swivel does NOT need to be inserted to block the gas.


Fits Tavor SAR as well as X95.

A tutorial is available on our YouTube channel

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