Ultimate Target stand brackets


These brackets were designed with convenience and functionality built right in. They are powder coated steel in bright orange for weather resistance and visibility in the field. Hanging steel is as simple as it gets with the chain slots cut right into the brackets. No bolts needed. Simply slip your 1/4′ chain through the cross slot and slide down when you get it the length you want it. Leave the chain long and make height adjustments quick and easy. If you don’t use chain, you can still use 3/8″ carriage bolts in the same slots!

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These brackets are designed to be used with 1″ EMT conduit available anywhere electrical supplies are sold. Your big box home improvement stores or your local hardware store.

EMT is galvanized and light weight in addition to being economical. This gives you the flexibility to make the stand as big as you want. If you have nicely mowed short grass or dirt, you can keep it short for shooting prone. If you haul your shooting gear into a field somewhere that gets cut a few times a year, simply make the legs longer and keep the target visible above the weeds.

The pipe cuts easily with a hacksaw so you can keep a spare piece in the truck when you go shooting. This way, if you accidentally destroy one of the ones on the stand, you simply cut and slide the replacement piece on in the field, saving your day of shooting from an early termination due to a destroyed target stand. You don’t even need a tape measure. the brackets are self leveling and will always allow all 4 legs to touch the ground. the legs could be different lengths or the ground could be uneven and it won’t matter.

I designed these after years of shooting store bought stands and having the problems these brackets address. I’ve had to cut short my shooting session due to shot or broken legs or been limited to placement due to tall grass. Now I can shoot anywhere and make quick field repairs to any damage sustained while shooting. I even have a life sized silhouette that I can hang at life height just by using a longer set of legs. So this is great for pistol shooters too!

Be sure to pair a set of these with our Ultimate Steel Target to complete your Ultimate target system!

One set of 2 brackets is all that is included. Steel target, chain, hardware and pipe not included.

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