The Tailhook is a revolutionary patented pistol brace design that uses a rigid foldout support arm to counterbalance muzzle weight and effortlessly stabilize a pistol against the shooter’s forearm. The Tailhook pistol braces are truly operable with only one hand, being deployable with the touch of a button and do not require your arm to be affixed to it to function. The Tailhook is ATF approved and isn’t a gimmick. It actually works and works well.

TAILHOOK Mod 1 Features

  • Billet machined design maximizes strength and rigidity while still being the most compact brace in the world at less than 1″ thick.
  • The small footprint and light weight allows it to be adapted to countless host pistols. You are no longer required to use a buffer tube to mount a brace.
  • Weighs a scant 4.5oz and was the first pistol brace to incorporate a QD sling swivel.

TAILHOOK Mod 2 Features

  • The Mod 2 was actually designed along side the Mod 1 at the same time to offer a different set of features.
  • The Mod 2 was the first brace to telescope in and out to 5 different positions. This allows a greater flexibility going from shooter to shooter to adjust on the fly to different arms.
  • Made from high impact reinforced polymer in 3 colors, it remains light weight and rigid.
  • Included with the brace is the proprietary buffer tube that accepts any carbine length spring and buffer.