Tailhook adapter to fix Sig spin brace


Replace your spinning brace with the rigid Tailhook Mod 1 with this adapter.

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For those unfortunate souls that have gotten stuck with a brace that is never where you left it, there is hope. We understand that not all braces are equal and if you’re tired of having your brace splayed out in unpredictable angles we can fix it for you and get you equipped with a quality rigid brace that is always where you want it and doesn’t move. As an added bonus, it actually works!


In all seriousness, shooters aren’t stuck with the helicopter brace anymore. Simply unscrew the spin brace and replace it with this adapter. Our adapter is machined from billet aluminum and clamps onto the axle of the rotating brace. There is even a set screw you can use if you like for added rigidity. After installation, the Tailhook Mod 1 will simply mount to the adapter solving your brace dizziness.


This adapter fits both the telescoping Copperhead style brace as well as the folding Rattler style.


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