Aug FLEx swivel


Introducing the Aug FLEx swivel. Or Fulcrum Located Extra swivel. This replaces the factory cast take down slide with a billet machined and hard anodized part that gives you a limited rotation QD swivel cup. Installation is very easy and it is ambidextrous. It places the swivel cup in the ideal position for a single point sling for balance or use it with the rear stock swivel as a 2 point to keep it away from the charging handle. Better balance than a rail mount clamp on swivel and more rigid than a nylon wrap around.

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It also features a fail safe. If your take down spring has ever failed you can imagine the potential for disabling your weapon during a mission. The slide can fall out without that spring. The factory armorers manual suggest inspecting that spring every 6 months for wear or damage. With the Aug FLEx, it has a fail safe feature that even if your spring fails, it cannot fall out with a sling installed. The FLEx does not place any additional stress on the spring over the factory slide either. You can pull on the sling as hard as you want and it will not pull through.

Finally the perfect Aug sling solution is here. NOTE; the NATO stock is slightly wider and might cause an interference with larger sized swivels.

Does NOT fit MSAR.

A tutorial is available on our YouTube channel.

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