Aug low profile charging handle – MOD 1


After 2 years with the original Aug low profile charging handle we are happy to make available the next generation. We have been listening to customers and am continually trying to improve our products.

This handle is lighter and shorter. It sticks out from the gun less and is a 1 finger charge size. It has a deep finger groove with serrations to ensure positive action. The outside edge is longer and much more contoured than the old design resulting in more comfort when the rifle is slung.

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The biggest new feature to the MOD-1 version is the ability to fold up and utilize the forward assist again. By utilizing all the factory springs and hardware, the handle stays down in the ergonomic angle we pioneered with the original handle. But when needed, simply push up on the handle and it folds to engage the forward assist. More serrations provide a slip free action when using it this way. The handle can also be folded up when locked back to give the rifle the ability to lay flatter on a surface. Normal operation still leaves the handle straight out to the side when locked back and it still has the ability to be slapped to unlock.


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